Surrounding - visit ponte vecchio


Albergo Firenze***Piazza Donati 450122 FlorenceItaly

Surrounding - visit ponte vecchio

Staying at the Hotel Albergo Firenze means sleeping in Florence near the Ponte Vecchio, the hotel is in fact only 500 meters from the famous bridge in Florence.

With a few minutes walk, guests can visit the Hotel Albergo Firenze Ponte Vecchio, the historic bridge in Florence, today shopping site rich in handicraft shops, goldsmiths and jewelers masters made in Italy.

A bit of history:

Ponte Vecchio in Florence is one of the most famous bridges in the world, linking the historic center of the city with the Oltrarno area, passing over the River Arno at its narrowest point. Precisely where once took the old ferry to cross the Arno at its narrowest, was built for the first time, on wooden piles of stone, Old Bridge. It is presumed to have been made by the Etruscans already at the time of the Roman colony.

Due to numerous floods, the bridge was destroyed several times and rebuilt in 1117 and in 1333, until Blacks Fioravanti and Taddeo Gaddi remade it in stone. Due to its width, the sides of the bridge there are two arched arcades under which sprang up immediately 43 stores initially were butcher shops and vegetable.

In a second time, on the order of Grand Duke Ferdinand I, the shops mostly food items, were turned into jewelery and jewelers, to give greater prestige to the bridge: it was the end of 500. Were added later, early in the seventeenth century, the back-shops, and thanks to the proceeds obtained from the rent of the shops, you could begin the reconstruction of the bridge.